Cox Chiropractic Technic (Technique) certified in neck and low back

Moriarty Chiropractic announces that Dr. Kevin Moriarty has completed an intensive training session in research-documented protocols of both neck and low back pain management and relief. Now certified in the CoxTechnic system of lumbar and cervical spinal pain relief management, Dr. Moriarty offers the evidence-based CoxTechnic system of non-surgical chiropractic protocols for the relief of lower back pain due to disc herniation, spinal stenosis, and related conditions causing neck, upper back, shoulder, arm, low back and leg pain.


Cox chiropractic technique


The Cox Technic flexion-distraction protocols have been scrutinized in federally funded research projects. Flexion-distraction biomechanical effects have been documented - drop in intradiscal pressures, increasing spinal canal area, and discal height.  Clinical outcomes have been published-superior in pain relief for radiculopathy, better for relief of chronic low back pain, and more effective in reducing the need for healthcare visits for spinal pain in the year after treatment. Dr. Moriarty proudly provides this nonsurgical solution for low back pain relief in the Nashua region.

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